Who Are We?

Solid Platform Ltd Building Services is a renowned company with long tradition in all aspects of new build, house extensions, loft conversions, refurbishment and external wall insulation projects, offering a complete service you can trust and rely on. Whether you are looking for a building contractor in the private or commercial sector, we are offering a professional assistance and skilful craftsmanship in Brighton and Hove, Sussex and surrounding areas. Over the years, our experience has taught us that people are always seeking for a complete service, spanning to each aspect of every construction or remodelling project, why we have invested our time, assets and management skills into extending our services and employing only highly experienced and trained professionals that will have the knowledge and skills to deal with each potential issue and provide the most optimal solution every time. This is why our family has only grew over the years and our services expanded to building construction, house extensions and refurbishment, loft conversions, rendering and solid wall insulation systems, thus covering all building aspects. Today, we are only proud to say that:

  • our dedication to each project, regardless of its scope and price,
  • our commitment to each and every client,
  • our respect for our clients requirements and demands,
  • our comprehensive service and competitive prices,
  • our carefully chosen and highly efficient personnel,
  • our reliable advice and professional approach

is what sets us apart from the competition and makes us stand out. We will be more than honored to welcome you into the Solid Platform Ltd family and play a role in building or remodeling your dream house, helping you turn it into a home.

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