How does EWI work?

External Wall Insulation Installers

Exterior wall insulation systems (EWI for short) has 2 main components – first comes one layer of insulation material, followed by a layer of insulated pre-coloured mosaic or render finish.Read more…

Green Deal & Eco

Green Deal

Cutting costs and conserving energy are the most common issues homeowners face in the UK and throughout the world these days.Read more…

Virtual Tour Portfolio

VR Tour Portfolio

These virtual tours offer an unobstructed, 360 degree view of the properties, before we started and after we completed all the work.Read more…

Solid Platform Ltd – Building Services Brighton & Hove

External Wall Insulation Installers

Regardless of whether you are planning small repair work in your home, a conversion, complete refurbishment or external wall insulation project, you will need a builder or external wall insulation installers which can offer a professional, skilled and reliable service. Well, we welcome you to the Solid Platform Ltd family, providing building and external wall insulation services in Brighton and Hove. We offer our vast experience and stand at your disposal, helping your innovative ideas become your reality while also providing professional guidance and assistance in finding some alternative solutions like solid wall insulation systems that will exceed your expectations and make all the money and time invested pay off. Our experienced and dedicated Polish builders and external wall insulation installers will convince you that you should never settle for cheap materials and unreliable service but only seek high quality materials and assistance that will make you stand proud once the job has been completed. To make things real simple, don’t ask yourself what your home can do for you, but what you can do for your home in order of turning it into a place that will meet all your requirements and high standards.   We offer a wide range of services including:   We are proud to help you weather proof your home with our External Wall Insulation systems that will improve the energy efficiency of your home, lower the carbon footprint of your household and help you save money on bills thus compensation the initial investment into the entire project. We are certified external wall insulation installers by Alumasc, K-Rend, Weber, Knauf and Baumit leading in UK External wall insulation components manufactures;

  • Garage and Loft Conversions that will crate that additional space that you crave for;
  • House Extension and New Build, making sure that the project is carried out properly from the initial to the final stage;
  • Bathroom and Kitchen construction work that will turn your home into a modern oasis you won’t alter or replace for many years to come.
  • Finally, we also provide smooth and durable finishes that will reflect all the beauty of you interior and exterior with our Renders, Mosaic and Anti-Crack Systems.

If all the above got you convinced that we will dedicate all our skills, knowledge, experience and time into your home construction or solid wall insulation systems, all you have to do is contact us your builders & external wall insulation installers then watch your wildest dreams become reality.

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